Car rental in Puerto de la Cruz

Rent a car

Opitcar we provide you with the car rental so that your holidays are perfect and you only have to worry about enjoying your free time and yours.


Ours cars

Our vehicles are insured, unlimited mileage and the second driver is free. Also, if you stay in a hotel, we’ll take you there and then pick it up so you do not have to travel.

Dacia Lodgy - 7 Plazas

Opitcar lodgy Alquilar

Dacia Sandero

Opitcar sandero Alquilar

Fiat Panda

Opitcar panda Alquilar

Hyundai I20

Opitcar hyundai i20 Alquilar

Opel Corsa

Opitcar Corsa Alquilar

Renaul Clio

Opitcar Renaul Clio Alquilar

Seat Ibiza

Opitcar ibiza Alquilar

Volkswagen Polo

Opitcar Polo Alquilar

Offers to rent your car

With the rental of the car, we have the following offers:


Free tickets:

  • Pyramids of Güímar: the free driver only.
  • Guanche Museum: the free driver only.
  • Camel Center: 30% discount is applied to the driver.


  • Peter Pan 3h: 50% discount is applied to the driver.
  • Shogun 5h: 50% discount is applied to the driver.
  • Royal Dolphin 3h and 4:30h: 50% discount applies with OPIT CAR car rental. Except season.
  • Maxicat 5h and 3h: applicable 50% discount to the driver for the car rental. Except season.
  • Submarine Safari: with the car rental 50% discount is applicable to the driver. Except season.

Canary Mansion

*( Ábaco): one person pays and the next one free


one person pays 50% discount for the driver.

 Check prices at

+34 922 37 41

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